If I’m totally honest, I can’t exactly recall how we came across James Worton, but we were very pleased when we did. James is SO talented. He is also the hand behind the Brighton Creatives graphic you see above. We were overjoyed when he created this as part of his #makewortonwork series a couple of years ago. The guy works hard. He’s constantly creating and we really recommend you go follow him here for everything he gets up to.  He also produced some beautiful posters for Don’t Just Stare (UK’S leading Mental Health platform promoting positive wellbeing through creativity) which we adored.

    Tell us a bit about your background, how did you end up where you are in your career?

    I always knew I wanted to end up in art and design, they were the only topics I had any sort of enthusiasm for at school, I wound up getting pretty dreadful grades in my GCSE’s and had to do an extra year at college to get onto the course I wanted to do. College was great and I think it shaped me more as a designer than my time at University. I had two incredible tutors, Deborah Boulter and Maurice Wood, who were very traditional in their methods. I was pushed to work more by hand, using a variety of mediums and rarely used a computer, opting to use tracing paper overlays and ink it up by hand instead. When it came to University I carried the same methods across and it wasn’t until second year that I naively stumbled into typography, my class were set a project on nostalgia and whilst I was procrastinating I decided to make a title page (like you did for that project on ancient Egypt at primary school) in hand lettering, It was nothing special, it looked like a font you might find at the circus, but it was interesting so I decided to follow up on it and keep practicing. It wasn’t long before all I found myself doing was drawing letters, experimenting in different mediums and tailoring my university briefs to match my new found passion and then it just snowballed from there. I left Uni and soon moved to Brighton. I worked at a pub part time until I thought I had enough clients to break free from bar work and focus on setting up self-employed.

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