Abi Overland is a recent Brighton University Illustration student. Originally from Jersey, her detailed animal drawings, especially the ones featured caught our eye, obvious talent. She works with collage, marbling and we have seen a pattern of mirroring too. We love her subject matter and often feel transported into a dreamy world when viewing her pieces. A jungle dreamy world. We wish her all the best with her future illustration career. We caught up and asked her some quick questions…

What was the lead up and helped your decision to study Illustration in Brighton?
I initially studied a Foundation Degree in Illustration at Hastings and from there became aware of how good the degree course was there, that on top of Brighton being an amazing creative place (by the sea) I wouldn’t have been happy any where else.


If writers get writers block, what do illustrators get?
Illustrators block is rubbish. A blank piece of paper is absolutely completely terrifying, I find doing the washing up generally helps to think of something!

How do you promote your work? Do you go to any local exhibitions? Can we buy prints anywhere?
To promote my work I make full use of social networking sites, they are a brilliant tool for getting your work out there. I have prints for sale in Jersey, Channel Islands and will shortly be putting some up for sale on my Etsy site.

Whats your favourite piece you’ve created and why is that?
My favourite piece I’ve created has to be this one (below) it’s one of my most recent illustrations and I think is a defining illustration in what my style is.


Who would be your dream client?
My dream client would be someone like National Geographic. To be able to do something for a publication like them would be completely rad.

If you would like to go view Abi’s work alongside the University of Brighton Graphic Design & Illustration students, check out the event here. We’ll be on the look out for some serious up and coming talent.



Emilie & Jen

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