Brighton Creatives was started in May 2012 by Emilie Lashmar and Jen Bentley.

Both keen creative people dabbling in design, illustration and painting, they discovered they had a mutual love of Brighton and it’s talented inhabitants. Wishing to help and promote these talents, the idea of starting a blog was brought up and the name Brighton Creatives seemed perfect.

Jen and Emilie wanted to use the skills they had, to help promote creative people further by providing them with an online presence. Championing just how important showcasing your work online continues to be.

We recently welcomed a 3rd member to our team. Katie McIlvenny, who will be helping us to do more interviews, and post about even more creatives, with a view to take over the world…or Brighton at least. 😉

“This is our passion project and we will continue to advocate young and creative output from all disciplines.”