I first saw Anna Tilson’s work In ‘Appendage’ on Kensington Gardens. They stock her beautiful mirrors and what I love about that shop is that the artist or designers names are on all of the items for sale.

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Her name stuck with me as I thought her work was unusual and beautiful. Anna uses vintage china carefully chosen for her mirrors, vases and wall plaques. Her style Is reminiscent of vintage tea rooms and old fashioned floral textiles but has a whimsical Alice in wonderland feel to it. it is not symmetrical as each piece of china is different, carefully picked out for its floral pattern or colour.

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Anna has been making mosaics for 10 years and now does work shops and classes. I have always wanted to try my hand at mosaic art and think it would be quite therapeutic as a craft. She offeres a 6 week course which is a series of studio based classes which allow you to plan your mosaic over the weeks and learn the basic skills and how to overcome problems. She also offers day and weekend classes which allow you to work in 3D and learn basic skills.

What I love about Anna’s work is the choice of colour. She uses very subtle pastels, creams and whites. Often there is a temptation to go bright and over the top with your mosaic designs, but Anna’s work has a beautiful simplicity about it which makes her work elegant and feminine. Anna was previously a successful textile designer which would explain her eye for detail and colour.

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if I had the time to be hunting down vintage china in thrift stores and making it into art I certainly would be doing the same. If you are interested in trying your hand at mosaics, you can take one of Anna’s classes and learn for yourself, see below.


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