A while ago we reposted something on Facebook from No Walls Gallery, one of our favourite places in Brighton to see some good art. They said that when they went to open the gallery in the morning, they had found a little bottle on the door step that said ‘take me home’ on it. The bottle was marked ‘anon’. Anonymous Bottles caught our eye.

bottle 2


We thought this was brilliant and we are suckers for a little bit of mystery when it comes to art and design. We were intrigued and frantically googled to see if anyone else had found one, but no one had blogged about it and we couldn’t find anything on them.



Then for weeks we kept our eyes peeled on our way to work, looking on door steps and in corners in case we spotted one.

Then sure enough at the height of Brighton Fringe and with The Great Escape festival in full swing this weekend, we walked though the busy crowds and out of the corner of our eye we spotted one!! it said ‘TAKE ME HOME’ on it, so we quickly picked it up and carried on walking. Just two minutes down the road and we spotted a second one!

TWO anon bottles we couldn’t believe our luck!! So we took them to the pub and celebrated with a pint in the sunshine! Keep a look out for these little bottles, they will be dotted around Brighton we are sure of it!

Emilie & Jen

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