Sascha, 2012 – illustration by Emilie Lashmar

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Apparat, the stage name of Berlin-based musician Sascha Ring. Apparat is perhaps more commonly known for his DJ talents, this special show was my highlight of the Brighton Festival. February 2013 saw the release of his acclaimed album “Krieg & Frieden” (Music for Theatre), a distillation of Tolstoy’s mammoth novel, War And Peace, a haunting and multi-layered sound exploration of the book’s themes: leadership, loss, the meaning of existence itself.
Equipped with his band, all recruited from the studio musicians, that recorded the album including Christopher “Mackie” Hamann and Philipp Thimm, they performed it in it’s entirety.


Photo by Victor Frankowski

The venue fit perfectly with the sophisticated and sensitive euphoric melancholy. “Chosen to reflect the dreamy music of the album.” ( The All Saints in Hove was a stunning backdrop for his band. As an agnostic I don’t frequent churches that often, only for their architectural beauty, and it was wonderful to visit for this special performance. Mesmerised by the visuals, a live projected story was unfolding. Frequent collaborators, Berlin based artist group Transforma, worked live on stage with prepared objects, lights and cameras. Inspired by Tolstoy’s War and Peace, it was the perfect multilayered battlefield to counterpart the music. The church was full, free for all seating, I managed to sit in the isle, with a great view. During the performance, a strong light beamed into the crowd, it was uncomfortable. I bowed by head, and manoeuvred deeper into my seat. Leading to listening to the music more intensely. Purposeful? Perhaps.


Photos by ishootmusic taken at FreeFormFestival.

I was mesmerised for the entire performance, especially when Sasha sung solo in ‘A Violent Sky’, the first song. The audience silent. He demands silence, he did not speak to the crowd, the crowd did not speak. A mystique, dark and strange evening. Seeing Apparat is always incredible, but Apparat with his band is something else entirely, which I would, and do, recommend to anyone that’ll listen. I was fortunate to see him play two DJ sets in London on Friday also.
My friend printed my illustration and Apparat signed it, now pride of place on my wall. Such a fangirl.


Emilie & Jen

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