Introducing Beautiful Boy – 5 piece from Brighton. We particularly love their artwork created by Ray Rabiero, a mixture of all the beautiful boys in Beautiful Boy. Working for some time they have now launched themselves onto the world, and are receiving some great feedback. We had ‘Home’ on repeat in the office for a week! You can tell these guys have been in the game a long time.
We caught up with front man Dane Etteridge and asked him some questions.


So since your site went live and your song ‘Home’ was unleashed on the world, whats life been like for Beautiful boy?
It been good, quite frankly we have been overwhelmed with the response we have received so far. Are initial intention was just to show people a little bit of what were about as a band, so everything else that has come our way so far had been a massive compliment and a bonus. But we are taking it one day at a time and looking forward to sharing more of our music with like minded people.

What have you got planned for the coming months?
Over the Next couple months we have plans to be in the studio to record some newer songs, as we have a lot of material that we would really like to get recorded properly. Along side that we will be releasing an official video for ‘Home’ and playing shows around south and generally just trying to spread the word about the band, we also hope to put into place an official release of either a single or an EP in the new year, as we are yet to do so.

You have recently done a couple of acoustic sessions for Dot Dot Dot and The Clockwork Owl Sessions, how do you think they went and what kind of response did you get from your fans?
We really enjoy doing acoustic sessions as it allows to take our songs and play with them, in terms of arrangement and instrumentation, which also keeps the songs interesting to play as you can look at them from a completely different angle. In terms of peoples response to the videos, it seems to be going down quite well and a lot of people have extended compliments our way after seeing them, which is very nice to hear and quite reassuring, make us feel like were doing something right.

How was your first show on the 28th September?
Our first show was great, we played at The Haunt in Brighton with The Wave Pictures. It was a really great night a lot of people came to support which was very humbling. but we where happy with the performance we gave and are just looking forward to playing more as inevitably it’ll only get better.. we hope ha.

We love the song Home, what was the thought behind it and where do you draw your influence from?
Thanks, Home is essentially a sort of exploration of self and a kind apology note for things that I might have done wrong in the past.

We draw influence from all over the place, we really relish in the just listening to anything and everything we can, so naturally little bits and pieces filter through in the writing, but as a band and the artists that influence us most… I’d have to say; Arcade Fire, Ryan Adam, John Lennon solo/The Beatles.



Beautiful Boys website was created with a custom Tumblr theme. Dot Dot Dot Promotions a WordPress creation. Go check out both sites designed by Brighton Creatives.

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