The members of psychedelic sound-tripping delight JOUIS eat, sleep and breathe their passion for music. This constant appetite for musical consumption has bred the boys into Brightonian pioneers for rebirthing what previously made recording a beautiful and intrinsic art form. With the aid of production duo Rhys Andrews and Juan Serra, a room within JOUIS’ generously sized flat has been turned into a fully functioning, tape recording studio and practice space. After dedicated hours of simultaneously writing, practising, and hand crafting a sound-proof empire, the boys sung, strummed and drummed their musical hearts into their debut album and analogue masterpiece Dojo.

Rhys Andrews
Juan Serra

The primary stress of Beetroot Studios previous productions, particularly JOUIS’ upcoming album, lies in the process of live analogue recording, a concept in the modern music industry that’s wearing thin. If you have a tuned ear for music prior to the current computer dominated era, this haven for musical art will quench your deprived thirst for analogue recording, whilst settling your anticipation for the importance of keeping this art form alive.

Jack Dunwoody
Adam Johnson
Louis Pavlo



Their unconventional lifestyle has led them to reside in a cheap empty office block shared with other young creative’s, with Beetroot Studios spearheading the tip of this buildings artistic iceberg. When I visit this home-from-home and realise I haven’t left its self-contained community for days, it occurs to me how strikingly unique the situation is. They’re the perfect late night party hosts, a warming escape from modern day drudgery and an indoor playground for your inner child.

Joe Potter
Joe Woodham



Built from scratch using girlfriends old clothes stuffed into recycled tyres for a drum stage, meters upon meters of kindly donated foam insulation and old mattresses, Beetroot Studios welcomes anyone who shares their ethos for saving the seemingly dying trend for analogue recording. The atmosphere is inviting, warm and organic, and when married with the boys genuine passion for generating whole-hearted music, the creative juices within these young visionaries home are seamlessly flowing. Since finishing their own album Dojo, JOUIS have opened the doors of their childhood dream to anyone who follows their philosophy of love for the music, rather than love for the money.



Katie at Brighton Creatives

Images by Emma Evelyn Speight

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