After the move into our new office at the start of this year, we were delighted to be asked to design the new website for Brighton Electric.

Having lived in Brighton for many years, we were fully aware of the sheer capacity and importance this recording, mixing and rehearsal space has had on the musical residents of Brighton. As we all know, Brighton is a creative city, and with BIMM on its doorstep Brighton Electric has managed to thrive on the creativity of its students, various celebrities, kids just starting out and function bands, amongst others.

MD James Stringfellow established Brighton electric in 1999 with just £700 In his pocket and a vision. Having worked with him over the last few months, we have learned that he settles for nothing less than creative perfection.

His passion for art and for creating the perfect atmosphere can be seen in every room and on every wall of this glorious building and so we tried to echo that in our designs for the website.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 17.31.10

The illustrated frames on the site represent that artistic feel and provide the perfect opportunity to show case the beautiful photographs that show off the building to its full potential. We think this worked great along side the black, gold and purple colour scheme.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 17.30.33

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 17.29.43

With backgrounds in architectural drawing and illustration we jumped at the chance to be able to express ourselves through drawing and this was the perfect client to be able to do this for.

Whilst meeting to discuss the website, I persuaded James to let us go up into the attic and have a sneaky look at the back of that beautiful clock in the center of the building because i couldnt resist a peek. The Building was used as the head office for the old Tramways as you can see from this lovely image:


You will now find the header drawing on canvas bags, bar mats, stickers and other merchandise at Brighton electric available to purchase.

When designing the site we wanted it to have a clean, user friendly look and feel to it, but still incorporating that hand drawn, colourful look. Two styles that are not always easy to combine, however we managed to bring together a practical site with new features and something that we feel looks great, and suits the clients and their vision at the same time. Features include, online room bookings, hire item filters with product descriptions and review sections.

We have no doubt that this site will continue to develop and be improved as new ideas come about, it’s a humongous project with endless possibilities and we couldnt be more proud of what we have achieved so far.


Emilie & Jen

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