Cassia Beck is an illustrator and store owner. Her collages are fun and humorous and ever so pretty, enjoy!

Cassia, how would you wish people spoke of your work?

I hope it brings a smile to their face and they appreciate the humour.

Explosions in the sky

 We love your surreal collages, what do they represent to you?

My collages are escapism for me and allow me to play and be free. We don’t do that enough when we become adults. I enjoy bringing out my weirdness and being a little nonsensical.

Pigeon Radio

What’s your biggest inspiration? Where do you get new ideas?

I rarely plan anything, this is why both collage and photography appeal to me. I go with the flow and see what happens. When I create collages I play with shapes and cuttings until I feel they work together. Sometimes the result is instantaneous, other times, I can look at the same unfinished collage for weeks, even months!

 Do you do commissioned work or do you mainly create commercially?

I rarely accept commissions. I have built my business around my three young children so I only create work when I can. I can’t always stick to a deadline or find the time to fulfil a specific brief so it is easier to work under my own steam. One day!


 Do you have any advice for someone who wants to sell their work online?

If you want to sell online, be patient, it takes time. I have seen so many people give it a try and give up too soon, they want instant recognition and fortune. Find your style by producing new work regularly and don’t imitate. I think artists who do well, love what they do and love what they produce. If I want to hang my own work in my home, I’m doing it right.

Honeycomb II

Please can we see your workspace?

My temporary studio is the dining room table while my studio is being refurbished. I have my drawers of paper cuttings and piles of books, I have everything I need.

Cassia Beck

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