Chloe Harwood AKA Mineral Lick creates beautiful surreal videos and images with feminist & political themes. We love her unique medium and the chance to peak inside a world Chloe has created.

Hey Chloe, please tell us a bit about yourself? History & future?

I go by the pseudonym Mineral Lick and am a 3D visual artist. I create both still images and visual sequences. I have previously worked on personal projects that allow me to get my brain out of my brain and do the odd commision. I am also part of a few collectives including Not Like ThatBitch Craft and Femmeuary! Which all help make sure I keep creating.


We absolutely love your surreal images. Please tell us about your style? How is your personality reflected in your work?

I’m a daydreamer and create stories and sequences of events in my head, most of which are relatively humourous, at least to me,  tinged with a darker, sinister note. I prefer to use pastel palettes to create a facade of pop colour, sugar teen innocence to disguise the more uncomfortable undertones of the stories and themes in each image.  I draw a lot of influence from conspiracy theories and sci-fi imagery. Reptilian overlords, aliens, Beeple, Peter Elson and Chris Foss are my Ginsberg’s.


How do you feel about the world currently, does this also influence your work?

The world seems to be a pretty dark place at the moment, with a lot of hate and I feel this has been allowed to breed in the media via people’s socials and comments. I think elements of my work are influenced by politics, fame and feminism almost as a sarcastic or humorous response as opposed to an expression of a deep understanding of the world. I wish I was that smart.

minerallick-basic bitch

Could you describe for us your process from start to finish? What programs are you using? How did you get into 3D art?

For my personal work, I usually begin a piece from thoughts or conversations that have triggered a sequence of connections in my mind (daydreams is probably a more accurate word)  into a concept for a piece.  I’ll then start to set up a scene in 3ds Max – a 3d modelling software I use for 90% of my work – with a collage of models that I find online or model myself. Then I create a palette of materials that I apply to the models. I use this palette to manipulate the colours, reflectively or texture of each model. Once the model is ready I’ll render it out with V-Ray rendering software and post process the image in Photoshop.

I did a short 3D modelling course during Uni and loved the freedom it gave me to be creative to create anything I wanted. I’ve never been confident in my illustration or modelling skills but I get computers and 3D art lets me pour my overactive imagination into a visual piece.

Burn M3

Tell us about the ‘Life Lessons’ series?

Life Lessons is a series of 3 cynical images, glazed in pinks and blues, that focus on a female protagonist and her emotional journey through a teenage break-up.

It is a comical view on the stages of a break up with the first two images showing our protagonist being dumped online  in “Lets Talk”and the emotional aftermath of having to admit that it’s over and that oh so excruciating moment of changing your relationship status online in “Change your relationship status”. The story rapidly escalates in our final image where the protagonist goes full bad ass and burns her ex’s possessions in, letting them know they are playing on her mind in “Let them know they are on your mind”


You say on your website that Vaginally Valley is ‘inspired by feminist sci-fi novels’, any must reads?

Vaginally Valley is a short film piece I completed for Femmeuary! I had read a number of sci-fi feminist novels including “The Female Man” by Joanna Russ, “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood and “The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Gain.

One of the main influences for the film was “The Passion of New Eve” by Angela Carter. The novel is relatively short and super fast paced, following the journey of Evelyn a male professor, who during the novel is captured by a sisterhood who dwell in a female city underground and transformed into a woman in a womb like surgical unit. The novel introduces a number of highly symbolic scenes that address gender identity and sexual difference. The characters and scenarios are powerfully visual, from Evelyns seemingly exotic lover Leilah, to Zero a male cult leader with a harem of wives and an obsession with missing actress Tristessa to Tristessa and her palace of deceased celebrities. Seriously… read it.  

Can we take a gander at your workspace?





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