Brighton based Daisy Kelly has been studying 3D Design and having recently graduated she has developed a lovely body of work mainly around ceramics and Interior design. Her ceramics have a geometric modern vibe with a twist of nature’s patterns in their texture. We love the monochrome simplicity and clean lines.

What draws you towards ceramics as a discipline?

I was drawn to its tactility, material quality and character. It’s a very wonderful thing watching a slab of clay or jug of slip form into 3d forms, there is something very grounding about making with your hands.


Your final major project was about bringing the textures of the outdoors in, how important do you think it is to make this connection in interior design?

My project began by exploring the importance of human connection with nature and the positive effects it has on our mental and physical health. I wanted homeware pieces that connected urban living to the natural environment.


We have seen lots of art and design projects recently touching on the subject of Bees and the fact that they are so precious to our survival. We love the geometric bowls and mugs on your website again combining hints of nature with interiors. Do you intend to continue this theme into new collections?

Absolutely, I feel it is very important to highlight the plight of the bee population and the vital contribution they make to the food on our table. I am going to be working on plate and bowl designs over summer.


We can see you have been working as an interior stylist for various residential and commercial properties, Talk to us about your favourite project so far and the process you go through when you are thinking about how to dress a space?

It is difficult to choose a favourite as each project has varied so much. The process and part I enjoy most is getting to know the clients and their ideas, style and vision and deliver a space that reflects them and is practical.



Having just graduated and seemingly on your way to accomplishing great things, what advise would you give future first years at Brighton?

Rid any preconception, explore the materials, play with ideas and enjoy what you do. It is rare once you leave to be given such freedom to explore, as your heart desires.


What are your plans going forward?

I have completed quite a few interior projects in the last year and need to get them photographed and up on my website. I am also working on two other interior projects, so just trying to balance design with the making side.

Finally can we take a peek at your workspace?

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 14.36.46

You can see more of Daisy’s Work on her website.

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