These guys are a clever bunch who seem to be conquering Brighton one step at a time. With just their logo alone they managed to imprint themselves into the quizzical minds of our observant brightonions.
Their mysterious promotional techniques left everyone questioning who they were and what were they upto.
Dead Horse performed a series of publicity stunts including the hanging of a fake man dressed in a suit with a horses head, from a building in Churchill square. This was followed by men walking around town with horse masks on taking pictures with people including Gary Newman.

Their Launch party was held at The Marwood cafe where they rewarded the first 100 or so people with free drinks all night, others were turned away but left desperate to be at the next Dead Horse event.
This exclusive party then revealed a little more about who Dead Horse were with a film over a projector in the bar area. This only confused and intrigued the crowded room further.

Dead Horse t-shirts, vests and hats can be seen being worn by the cool kids around Brighton and with its ever growing reputation, Brighton is left wondering what the next big stunt is for Dead Horse and when is the next party! We can’t wait to find out!

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