We recently put up a little advert asking our followers to recommend some Brighton based creatives that we could blog about and Em Gunning, an ex Brightonian freelance Designer recommended we take a look at ‘designosaurYEAH’. We instantly recognised their work having seen it in the boutiques around Brighton. We are huge fans of these guys so we asked them a few questions to find out more!


We are familiar with your work having seen it around Brighton. Tell us a little bit about how it all started?
Jacques started making children’s mirrors at his day job and brought one home to show me. It was a HUGE Brachiosaurus Skeleton which I held up to myself and suggested would make an awesome necklace. I’ve always loved acrylic jewellery, the bigger and more brash the better! I was kind of joking but Jacques made it, we tried it in shops and here we are today!

Talk us through the process of how you make one of your laser cut necklaces?
We get inspiration from EVERYTHING! We are always out and about and design things that we love. Maybe I’ll suggest an idea, then Jacques draws it up and laser cuts it. Then comes the big decisions. Do we like it? What colour should it be? What needs tweaking? Each design we make goes through lots of prototyping before we are happy. We source all our own findings, chain and packaging and everything down to the stickers we put in the boxes have to be AWESOME!

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What is your aim for designosaur in the future? Who would be your dream stockists?
We want everybody to be wearing a big awesome dinosaur!?! We are currently working on new product lines so expect exciting new things from designosaur. Our dream stockist is a hard question, we love being in lots of small and quirky boutiques so maybe some more of these abroad.

We see The Natural History Museum on your stockists list, that is pretty awesome! How did you feel when you found out they wanted to sell your work?
Obviously we were super excited when we found out that they wanted to stock our dinosaurs, it was our dream stockist and main aim to get our pieces into the museum shop. We have had so many people tell us at Craft Fairs or online that they have found us through the NHM which means that it is great exposure for us, and we get to be in contact with even more dinosaur fans!


You have both recently been in Japan, do you think this will influence some of your next pieces? Where does your inspiration come from?
YES! Definitely, it was an amazing trip, we saw, did and absorbed so much and our SS14 collection will definitely be Japan inspired! As we mentioned we get our inspiration from everything we do, see, hear and eat. Jacques and I have very different interests and styles but this works brilliantly when we are designing to come up with something different and hopefully lust-worthy!

All photos in this blog are credited to Bob Prosser –


Emilie & Jen

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