We asked Eva Bowan, a Brighton based mixed media artist to answer some questions for us. You lucky folk.

You’re a multi disciplinary artist. Please tell us more about what you do? 

I create in a wide range of media – I make illustrations, collages, graphic design (mostly for music), I also use photography&video and often combine the elements of different disciplines. Pretty much whatever helps me to express my ideas or achieve the right outcome for a client (if I’m working on commission).

Additionally I also compose music, sing and perform it live.



We love Black Peaks and loved the album artwork you did for them. Please walk us through their creation.

Black Peaks approached me many months before the release so we had a lot of time to develop ideas together, find what complements the concept and set a general artistic direction. Eventually we settled on using collages for the main part of the design. I researched for visually interesting vintage images that I could use as a base, cut up and digitally alternate in order to fit the whole visual style. After finishing the front cover I worked on all the images for the booklet and singles together and took care of more generic aspects of the design – like fonts, effective text spreading and cutting to templates.




[bandcamp width=350 height=621 album=3911734224 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=333333]
Tell us about your latest track, Isolated and your EP?

My new EP ‘Ringwoodite’ was just released last month on Objects Ltd, it was recorded and produced entirely by me in my bedroom. I’d say it’s mostly autobiographical, representing my deeply personal thoughts, fears and emotions.

‘Isolated’ is the second track off the EP and sonically it represents hiding in a safe place while you might be experiencing a sort of a stimuli overload, an anxiety attack perhaps. In that intense moment all the sounds reach you in a strange way – echoing and circulating. But in your special place you feel happy and safe.

Your photos and images you create have light leaks, vintage effects and textures, they often look dreamlike, or from memory. How would you describe your style?

I guess my style is mostly surreal, I like to offer a perspective in which the viewer can disconnect from the surrounding reality, even just for a second. I like making art with a strong escapist quality to it. It probably comes from the fact that I have a pretty active imagination and a lot of vivid dreams and I find those imaginary worlds and strange thoughts rather comforting and I’d like to share them.

I think it’s hard to transfer the way we feel sometimes into images so to me surrealism is a more accurate representation of seeing the world through feelings.


I love Fujiya Miyagi and your press shots you did for them are awesome! What was the inspiration behind this? Where is that location?

Fujiya&Miyagi wrote to me as they needed new press shots to promote their upcoming EP. We wanted to make something simple but effective and colorful to match the style of the EP. It was important for the band to find an interesting surrounding that would break out of the traditional band photo imagery and help with achieving the overall slight surrealist vibe. I really wanted to find something with unusual light sources.

While researching for the right location we randomly came across this beautiful chapel at Sussex Uni campus and decided it was exactly what we wanted.

After taking the photos I did two different edits – one in which the faces of band members are covered up or alternated and the second one a little bit more ‘normal’ for the use of magazines etc.





 We’d love to peek your workspace?

Recently I had to move out of my last studio space so I’m temporarily working from home. Therefore I don’t have the best workspace at the moment, everything is crammed all together but in a strange way this can be inspiring sometimes to. 


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