We’ve wanted to find out a little more about Flavia Aliverti (AKA Foreign Skin) for a while now. Lucky for us, she was happy to answer the questions we put to her. Flavia likes to experiment and try out all kinds of creative ventures & if you’re going to Glastonbury, be sure to check her out drumming for Sea Bed on the BBC Introducing stage.

p.s she takes banging photos too.

Without further a do…

Can you tell us a little bit about your background? 

So I was born in Hong Kong and I’m half Chinese half Italian. At the age of 11 my parents sent me and my sister to boarding school in the South East of England (Wiltshire).

School was definitely the place where I realised I really wanted to do music. I had one of those inspirational teachers like in the movies which I’m truly grateful for, and he made me realise my ‘talent’ for music. 

After school I came to Brighton for Uni and did Songwriting (I used to write really folk-pop singer songwriter / acoustic music). I did this for maybe the first couple of years at Uni but was just getting really bored of the whole folk scene and I’ve always been a fan of electronic music. I found out about Ableton and started teaching myself how to use it and thats kind of where Foreign Skin started developing. At first I was trying to incorporate my acoustic music in with electronic sounds but I soon scrapped that and started focusing on producing and just solely writing and sampling on Ableton, and here we are now! 


From where I see it you’re a pretty multi disciplined artist. In your words please describe what it is you do?

So I’m one of those people who kind of want to try everything and constantly want to be doing something new so I do a lot of things. So as a sort of list of all the things I do currently:

– I’m a producer / musician / remixer and DJ under the moniker Foreign Skin.

– I run a club night with my friend Lizzie called ‘Bossy Brighton’, which is a 90s / 2000s RnB club night at The Green Door Store. And also another night called ’Sunny Side Up’ every 3rd Friday of the month at Sticky Mikes Frog Bar. I’m also kind of becoming hopefully a resident DJ for The Green Door Stores Vs. night, which are always fun!

– I dabble in video editing where I make my own visuals for when I play live and also have done video editing for other people. Last one was a fashion video for a clothing company. And also once made a music video for ‘The Doves’ new band ‘Black Rivers’ which you can find on youtube somewhere!

– I’ve recently become a session drummer for Brighton based electronic duo Sea Bed, and we are hitting up the BBC Introducing stage this year at Glastonbury which I’m so honoured and excited about!

– I’m also a Freelancer in the music industry where I Rep shows for promoters which is really fun as I get to look after bands I love… or hate?! And my more permanent job I do is marketing for Events at VICE UK where we look after and book for two (And soon to be three) venues in London.

I’ve JUST seen you’re going to be playing Glastonbury 2016 with Sea Bed, firstly congratulations! Secondly what does this mean to you and for you? 

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it. For my first proper festival I am so so honoured to be playing Glastonbury with Sea Bed, I mean its the worlds largest outdoor festival so who wouldn’t feel honoured to play it, Its such an amazing opportunity!

Its actually kind of funny. A couple of days before the guys from Sea Bed told me we were playing my friend was trying to convince me to work with him there for a free ticket. I told him the only time I’m ever going to go to Glastonbury (because I’m not really a big fan of massive festivals, I prefer smaller ones) is if I got a free ticket or I’m playing it, and then a few days later got told the news!

We believe having visuals for live electronic sets is so very important, how do you create your visuals?

Yeah I completely agree that they are important. Especially since watching someone push buttons and play keys isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to watch live. Visuals definitely add a completely new dynamic to live electronic sets.

For my video editing I use final cut pro. And the videos are mostly videos I found on youtube which I then manipulate into kind of kaleidoscopic or mirrored images, or the best is using footage from BBC’s planet earth (wild life stuff and mountains are the best!).

For future visuals, Im going to try work with some video artists that I know who are absolute vid wizards on after effects (which I’m going to try teach myself eventually!)

ONE favourite artist, dead or alive, hit me.


Show us your workspace pretty please?

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