Tell us a little about yourself, where does your creativity come from?

I often spent weekends with my nan as a child. We would walk down to B&Q on Lewes Road and take as many wallpaper samples as we could. These were then spread across the entire living room floor and covered with drawings, paintings, hand and footprints – you name it. I think that her encouragement is the reason why I am such a creative person.

What is the obsession with dinosaurs about? We know you love them.

The first Jurassic Park movie was released two years before I was born, so by the time I was old enough to play with toys, my brothers had built up quite the collection of dinosaur figurines. As kids, we would watch all of the dinosaur programmes, we had dinosaur Lego, dinosaur puppets, dinosaur video games – we even had dinosaur costumes! We regularly visited the Natural History Museum and bedtime stories always included at least one T-Rex. Scientists are always making new dino discoveries and I love learning about them.

How did you get into collage and what is it you love about it?

After studying Fine Art and Textiles at A-level, I decided to take advantage of an extra year of free education by attending a foundation course at City College, specialising in illustration. We were given a project for which we had to use collage and the outcome was more successful than I had expected. From then on, I experimented more and more with mixed media and created some really cool pieces which people seemed to identify with. I am now studying the art of Theatrical Hair and Makeup – but still enjoy making collages and taking commissions when I have the time.



If we want to purchase any of your prints how do we get them?

For now, my prints are available to purchase on request through my Facebook Page.

Lastly can we take a peek your work station?

At home I work on my dining table – much to my housemate’s despair! I’m quite messy as I need every image laid out so that I can choose easily. My workstation at uni tends to be much tidier – hair and makeup artists have to be organised as some jobs offer a minuscule amount of space in which to work.


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