Recently we have been posting up statuses about sourcing out new creatives in Brighton, and we happened to stumble upon this extremely talented photographer. Word around the block is that he’s the king of composition and we have to say we 100% agree. Check out our interview with him!


Some of your work blows our mind, your editing skills are amazing, how many years has it taken you to get to this point?
Thanks, you are way too kind! I’ve always been into photography, even as a kid, and got my first darkroom gear while still at school. I’ve been using version 7.0 of Adobe Photoshop for the last ten years or so but it’s only since 2010, and doing a lot more music industry based work, that I’ve really started to hone my techniques. Getting the ideas from my head to print stage is still always a challenge though.

Do you plan a lot of your conceptual shots before hand, and then source a location or the other way round?
A bit of both really. My head is filled with ideas just waiting for the right location to be discovered, but cool places do inspire the imagination too. Abstract imagery aside, when I plan things my main thought is how ‘doable’ an idea is with as little use of Photoshop as possible. Budget constraints tend to dictate how much post production plays a part. The more you can spend on the real world set-up the less editing is required afterwards.

Are a lot of them commissioned or are they just concepts you have come up with to raise your profile as a photographer and sell prints?
Well, I haven’t made any images available to buy yet but it’s something I would consider if someone was to make an offer. Mostly, my photography is for general band promotional material and the occasional album cover or inlay artwork. I spend time making test images to pitch a concept idea to bands who have expressed an interest in working with me.


Where does your inspiration come from?
Mostly from my surroundings, people I meet and the musical world I play a part in. I have always had an envious streak for the work of Storm Thorgerson. I wish I had come up with those ideas!

What is your favourite piece that you have produced and why?
That changes a lot but at the moment I’m quite pleased with how ‘Pyramids’ turned out. Some people have said it is about “imitation being the sincerest form of flattery”. Some say it represents “Western prosperity, influence and interference”. It could be just a tongue in cheek image of someone enjoying a bit of topiary.


It looks like composition is key with a lot of these images, do you focus a lot of your attention on this or is it just something that comes naturally?
Composition is important I think. If something doesn’t sit right in the frame I get a constant nagging feeling and will end up spending an age cropping later until I’m happy with it.


What would your advice be to other budding photographers and what are your goals for the future?
Advice isn’t something I feel qualified to offer but I think it is important to always be true to yourself on anything you put your name to. So too is having a full understanding of the basics in whatever media you use. It is key to being able to express yourself properly. As far as the future goes, I shall aim high, dream big, keep improving and hope I’m lucky enough to work with lots of interesting people.

Emilie & Jen

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