When I think of homework, I think of geography essays and solving math equations. I think of school work due tomorrow morning. I think of work that I had to do because I had to. A friend invited me to see the Homework Club, and I was reminded that homework can be different. In fact, the Homework Club was not a place where work was done because it needed to be done. It was an exhibition dedicated to showing artwork created solely out of creative freedom.

The Homework Club is a self-initiated exhibition organised by 2nd year Illustration and Graphic Design students of the University of Brighton. It took place in the old Circus Street Municipal Market building. It is a beautiful and nostalgic old warehouse building, with a cool lo-fi aesthetic flair and plenty of character. Although the space itself is very interesting, it didn’t overpower the featured artwork. Indeed, it was an ideal space for a pop-up show.

The Homework Club 2

There was a good mixture of work at the Homework Club – drawing, printmaking, animation, painting, digital work and book design. I spoke to some of the students, and they were highly enthused by the opportunity to showcase their personal expression. In the art university scene, personal expression is a side that can be easily forgotten. The drive and desire to obtain high marks – which is arguably beneficial for future careers – can too often become the main incentive in creating an artwork. The Homework Club was initiated as an antithesis to this mindset.

The Homework Club 3
The Homework Club 4

It was interesting to see how the students reacted and appreciated each other’s artwork outside the scope of university. Without specific educational or commercial pressure, the students were free to explore their skills and strengths within their own time frame. They came up with impressive and varied artwork (check out their Tumblr). The Homework Club was the organisers’ first effort at running an exhibition. If there was any lack of experience, it certainly did not show as they pulled off a successful showcase for these young and exciting artists. They managed to do it with panache and an impressive amount of professionalism.

The Homework Club 1

Photo Credit: Molly Ann Pendlebury – 2nd year Graphic Design student of the University of Brighton.


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