We have always been pro girl power at BC and this girl has it in abundance! Love her colourful illustration style!

Hey Isabella, good to meet you! Tell us about yourself?

Hello! I’ve just recently graduated from the University of Brighton in Illustration and am getting ready to face the big bad world. I draw empowered ladies with cool hair and am an avid cat and dog enthusiast.






From the looks of your website you are constantly creating, do you ever get creative block or does it just pour out of you?

I get creative block very regularly, but not in the way that I don’t know what to draw but that my confidence falters a bit. It’s so important to believe in yourself and just keep drawing every day. If you fall of the wagon it can be pretty hard to get back on so, as Nike once said “just do it”. It really is a motto to live by 😉


There’s feminist themes in your work. Tell us what feminism means to you.

I believe in sex-positive, body positive and more inclusive feminism, which is why I talk about things like female masturbation, gender identities and different types of femininity.
I want people to keep in mind that if a girl wears make up, wants to shave her legs and watches porn, it doesn’t make her less of a feminist. Feminism should be all-inclusive, respectful and empowering.


pussy power - lighter
fuck off 2
 The Tigercub animations are SO ace, we freaking love them. How did that come about? How do you make your animations?

Thank you! I’m a total Tigercub fan girl and the drummer is my friend. He asked me to do some posters for a release. I was going through my phase of wanting to draw everybody as goblins so I just had to do portraits of the band members. Those animations are just simple photoshop GIFs.

 Do you feel university has set you up for the working world and who would be your dream client or boss?

When you are a human as social awkward and overthinking as me you will never be prepared for the world! In all seriousness though, Brighton University was a great experience and I have learned so, so much. I highly recommend the Illustration course.
I have so many dream scenarios one of which is my own clothing company all about pastel fake furs and offensive slogans. I would love to work for a publishing company, a magazine, a screen printing studio or a fashion studio.

 Can we see your workspace pretty please?

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