Yesterday on our way back to our office with our lunch in hand, we noticed something different about the old hippodrome on Middle st.

On closer inspection we discovered these tiled bird paintings stuck all over the wall and in the window frames. We initially thought they were a permanent fixture not to be touched or removed but then we spotted a note from the artist, he said “please take two birds and give one to the person you love the most”….dont mind if we do!




Previously we have blogged about an artist who calls himself Anon and who left little ceramic bottles all over Brighton, and now having stumbled across Jakob we felt it was only right to do a little post about him as well!

Jakob is a self taught painter born in Winchester. On his website he begins his bio with the words ‘i am not a writer, that’s why i paint.’ and then follows this with a particularly interesting and rather well written page explaining his thoughts and feelings towards the world and his reactions to the chaos surrounding him.

All of his art is done on reclaimed materials, he likes the idea that the materials already have a story of their own, this fits in very well with his subject matter and concept. Jakob seeks to find the art in everyday mundane things that other people do not always notice.

Check him out on facebook and if you dont manage to grab one of his free pigeons around brighton then he has an etsy shop as well.


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