We caught up with Brighton based artist Joe Pearson of Smokin’ Bones Club to talk about what he was currently up to.

Hey Joe, how you doing? Tell us a bit about ya self?

Hey, how’s it going? I’m a freelance creative based in Brighton. It’s hard for me to pin down exactly what it is I do… It’s something that strikes fear into my heart every time I meet someone new and they ask me ‘Where do you work?’ with an intimidating smile on their face…

Joe Pearson MHB_WES

The Smokin’ Bones Club illustration caught our eye at first – tell us how this got started up?

Smokin’ Bones Club (SBC) started a couple of years back. I was studying photography at the time and hadn’t really done much illustration for a while (apart from class doodles which used to get me in trouble all the time). When I started drawing again, friends were asking for tees and it just sort of took off from there… I got my best friend involved to help with the music side of things and now we put on gigs and make things with skulls on.

From what I’ve seen you seem to be multi-disciplined. What mainly fills your time currently and whats your most recent project?

Yeah, I think I’ve got quite a strong entrepreneurial side, or I just haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do yet – either way I like to mix things up a bit. I work a lot in video production, as well as illustration, design and animation. I often have multiple projects running at once so it’s hard to pin down my most recent. Usually it’s video production/on shoots during the day, and illustration and design in the evenings…

Joe Pearson - Photography
Joe Pearson - Photography 2

We love your animations of a woman on your instagram – how long does this style of animation usually take you?

Joe Pearson - Dance Gif

Thank you, it’s something I’ve been working on only recently really. Typically, about half a day? If I’m feeling extra picky, then I’ll rework it a few times and then it’s longer. Everything I do is hand drawn though (on a graphics tablet – but nothing’s automatically generated) and so some can take a couple of days or longer.

Joe Pearson - Dress Gif

Top artists you enjoy the work of?

Photographers; Roe Ethridge, Mårten Lange and Roger Ballen. One of my all time favourite artists is Toshio Seaki (NSFW) – his work’s not really for the easily offended. My list could go on and on but I’m terrible with names and my memory is bad.

Joe Pearson - Morning Coffee

Other Brighton artists you think we should check out?

There’s a lot of talent – some amazing artists and illustrators. I don’t really want to give a big list incase I miss anyone out, but someone you should definitely check out is my good friend James Rueben. I’m actually working on some things with him currently. Check his stuff out, it’s rad.

Lastly, can we take a peak at your workstation?

It’s not much, but I built the desk myself and it’s home…


Joe Pearson - Work station

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