Since starting Brighton Creatives we have come across a lot of Brighton based artists, illustrators and other creative people who we admire, and so as part of our blog we have decided to add a ‘featured brighton creative’ section so that we can spread the love and talk about some of our fellow Brightonians.

Judit Forthun :-

“Originally I’m from the fare country side in Norway where I grew up on a farm and had loads of freedom and time to kill. As a kid I spent my days outdoors on adventures, or inside reading and drawing. Drawing is something I’ve always done and would be completely absorbed in when I was growing up. The nature around me back home, Norwegian traditions and culture is still something that very much influences the images I make today. Spending time on the slow paste countryside and at the same time living in big cities, I’ve developed a range of very different interests that eventually led me to work in mixed media. In my illustrations I like to blend traditional drawing with new techniques and digital work. It keeps me on my toes and at the same time I feel connected to home.

Art to me is communication, so I’m always looking for new ways to communicate my messages. It think it is important develop, both in personal life and in what you do. To allow everything around you to inspire you and take the opportunities that are given to you and make something out of it. My drawings are in a way my memoir; inspiration and documentation from the places I’ve been and the things I have done. But on top of all they are about having fun and appreciating all the pretty things around us.”


Jen & Emilie

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