Brighton Creatives have been lucky enough to premiere the new video from George Gleeson AKA Jung for his first single 3AM.

Grab your headphones or turn your speakers up.

Video by: Joanna Cavlan

Tell us a bit about yourself and your music George, also how your name came to be Jung?

I came up with the name JUNG after a YouTube binge. I was watching videos about the connection between music and psychology, I’ve always loved the idea that writing songs is like therapy! Anyway, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung’s names kept popping up. I’ve always enjoyed having ‘deep’ conversations with people, I love learning about other people’s lives and how they think! I guess my music is a conversation with myself. Most importantly to me, it’s an attempt at having an honest one.


Your new single 3AM, can you tell us a bit about how it was conceived?

3AM started being written just after I graduated, it was a really tough time for not only myself but a lot of my friends too! We all would be sitting at the pub joking ‘what are we going to do now?’ and a lot of people’s relationships were breaking down and friends were moving back in with their parents. It felt like a bit of an end of an era, bit dramatic I know, but that’s where the line ‘I know it’s harder for you to stay, we didn’t expect it to turn out this way’ came from. The song is about dealing with change and not everything turning out how you wanted.


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How did the idea for your new video come about?

I was lucky enough to work with a great young director called Joanna Cavlan, who really got what the song was about! We wanted the video to match the nostalgic feel of the song, so Jo had the idea of using recycled film footage. We’re really happy with how it’s turned out and are pretty damn excited to show everyone!

Who are your favourite electronic artists and how do you feel about the rise of the bedroom DJ?

Right now I’m loving Mura Masa, James Blake and especially Shura! I think it’s great that technology has allowed anyone to be able to create high quality music. It allows more creativity as you don’t have to worry about expensive studio time and I think the industry needed a kick of new sounds.

Where can we see more of you? What festivals would you love to play?

I’m still working on the next few releases and not planning to gig in the near future, but will let you know. I would love to play Glastonbury, Bestival and Coachella.

Can we take a gander at your workspace?




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