We found Maisie Brown on Instagram as she followed Brighton Creatives, we went to the her Instagram, then her site and had to feature her work. Maisie is a 2016 Brighton Graduate. We wish her all the best with her future. Be sure to follow her and commission some jewellery!

Tell us about yourself Maisie, your back-story, your current situation and plans for the future?

I just recently finished my BA in painting , so my life is currently being spent job/house hunting…. generally adjusting to the world outside of the student bubble. Hopefully once the dust settles, I can start organizing exhibitions locally, and finally open an Etsy account for my jewellery. I’d love to do some craft fairs too! The bigger picture, I think, involves running away to Spain.image 2 Two Fried eggs and a glass of milk

We love your use of felt and mixed media; can you explain your process for your works?

Most pieces start with something I’ve found in a skip, or on the side of the road. Remnants of furniture, or building materials: anything with an interesting quality to it. I’ll play with composition, rearranging elements until something clicks, before deciding on a colour palette. With the felt pieces, it’s all about building up layers. At first I was piecing the works together like puzzles, in one flat layer, but it didn’t quite pop. Building up layers allows me to create a subtle depth of field, whilst also turning the ‘painting’ into an object.


Image 1 A Midsummers Nice Dream
We’ve seen you do custom jewellery! How did this start? What’s been your most rewarding commission?

The jewellery was semi accidental. Since I started working with felt, friends have told me to start making jewellery. I just didn’t get around to it until recently. I found myself with a spare felt egg and a bit of time, so I made myself a necklace. Before I knew it, I had a list of commissions, from a slice of pizza, to an avocado driving a car… I personally have a soft spot for the food themed pieces (I have a tendency to think with my stomach), but I’d say the most rewarding ones have been when I’m, asked to surprise someone, and it goes down well.

image 3

Where do you get most of your influences? How do you feel about trends changing so quickly through things like Instagram?

My influences come mostly from Instagram actually. I try to follow a good mix of illustrators, painters, fashion designers and generally crafty people. I love checking out fashion blogs for colour palettes. Tyler the Creators recent Golfwang show was fantastic for this.

I’m also a sucker for cartoons. The Simpsons have become one of my biggest sources of inspiration lately. I’ve taken to highlighting the beautiful background scenery that flashes by in milliseconds. It usually goes a miss, despite being rich and layered. A piece I recently completed, “Don’t Ask Me, I’m Just A Girl”, appropriates a tropical scene within it, as well as the title itself being a line from the show.

I’m a big fan of fast paced trends, they keep you on your toes and prevent things from becoming stale.

image 4 Shes a mother

Who’s your favourite living artist?

Mary Heilmann, Patrick Caulfield, El Anatsui and Matt Groening…How do I pick one?


Can we see your workspace pretty please?




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