Brighton Creatives were fortunate enough to be invited to the Maker show at The Barfly in Camden on Monday evening. A showcase for this exciting, fresh, extremely fashionable band. Maker kindly hired a mini bus, packed it with a bucket of ice cold beers, and 12 of their friends, and off we set from The Paris House in Brighton to Camden, on a beautiful sunny day. This is what summers are made for. Maker are Lana, Danny, Leonardo and Toby. Above photo credit: Jen O’Brien

‘Devotion’ – Maker filmed by Laurence Dean // *Warning contains scenes of nudity*

Their risqué and much talked about video for ‘Devotion’ featuring the stunning Lauren Sedger was released earlier this month, leaked early to several blogs, these guys know what they’re doing. Lauren plays a step ford wife, waiting for her boyfriend to get home, played by Flynn Horne, cleaning up after him, it encompasses many a long term relationship. Climaxing into the couple lying on a bed together, mechanically taking off their clothes. Drums in the chorus build up giving this song some real power, the orchestral strings in the background compliment perfectly.

Hopeless is my favourite track by Maker, with lyrics “You are the raging, the future generation, you are the ageing, just make the most of what you’re wasting” ring true with a lot of my peers. Well at least my interpretation.

Photos taken @ The Barfly, Camden

I asked the beautiful Lana a few questions for Brighton Creatives and she was more than happy to answer them for us.

How did Maker start?
Danny and I wrote a song together one night…and then wrote another and another. It seemed like the obvious next step was to form a band to play these songs live. We both consider the visual element of music just as important and enjoyable as the auditory. Usually when we listen to a song we have written we translate it visually – the song will provoke a sequence of images. We envisaged starting a project in which we could express ourselves musically as well as visually – via our videos and photographs, in which we are always heavily involved with the making of.

Did you and Danny go to music college?
I have never studied music academically. I graduated with a BA HONs in the History of Decorative Arts and Crafts. However, since their youth the boys have all studied music: Lenny as a composer, Toby as a musician and Danny as a songwriter. I feel because of this, we all bring something very different to the band.

Where’s your main inspirations from musically?
I believe the more you put in the more you get out, so we try to immerse ourselves in culture – be it literature, art or films. There are themes that run through our songwriting, such as the binary oppositions of life: being bound to something/breaking free love/hate devotion/abandonment honesty/betrayal Hope/despair intimacy/distance
I guess it is the extremeties of everyday situations that we find intriguing…

Do you think about the fashion/styling or are you all just naturally stylish?
Music, fashion and art are entwined – like the holy trinity I think to be in band you have to consider how you are going to be perceived visually and how that is going to be representative of your music.

How do you pick the people you work with producers, photographers, videographers?
People who share the same vision as us, people whose work we admire, people who are as passionate about our work as we are.

Do you practice at Brighton Electric?
Yes, like most Brighton bands.

How’d you find Toby and Lenny?
We caught Toby playing on The Jools Holland show with his previous band. When we found out the band had later, disbanded (GEDDIT) we approached him. Through Toby we were introduced to Lenny as they had worked together on a session.

What gigs have you got coming up?


Emilie & Jen

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