With their debut EP ‘The Pact’ due for release tomorrow (1st June), today MOON ALTAR share their self directed ‘Murder’ video, the first song on their five track record produced and recorded by the band and Kevin M Johnston at OctopusLost. The track is streaming via the link below and the full EP will be available 1st June via iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud etc as well as on physical CD format here.

In general, this record shows the first instinctive collaboration between front woman, Lucy Powell, and Finland X Orkney Island multi instrumentalist duo Tiia Kukkoken and Kevin M Johnston (previously ‘I Touched The Undertow’). The overall sound can be described as brooding with soft haunting peaks, and the songs are equally structured around melody and instrumental with a mix of live and digital soundscapes. The flow of the EP is very cyclical and tells a story full of metaphors and symbols surrounding themes of existence, natural disaster and female intuition.

“Venture to the underside of the ancient moon where natural disaster and debris flow through the golden forest, and the underbelly of womankind exists. The trials and tribulations of failed witches find resolution in knowing that everything is all part of an ancient natural pact- an automany. A pact which once began and will never cease to exist. A mother gives birth to a child. Hail, to the moon!.”


MOON ALTAR are having a belated EP launch performance on the 30th June at the Blue Man (Brighton) which will feature artwork, projections and a few surprises.


Tell us a little bit about Moon Altar, how did it all start, how did you meet?

Well, Kevin and Tiia used to be in a band called ’I Touched The Undertow’, and when the singer relocated they wanted a new project which was different – more upbeat, heavier, poppy – and well, we found each other and all realised we had this slight obsession with the Moon.. What really happened was that they said my “sassy and poetic singing would be the cream on the cake”, so I couldn’t resist.

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Your EP Launches tomorrow, what has the build up to it been like for you? What have you been doing to prepare yourselves?

It has all been quite natural and stress free really- we work very collectively yet remotely from each other when writing which gives us more time for reflection between the making and mixing process. The only stand out stressful moment for me was on Friday 13th, when we decided to release our ‘Murder’ video, and my internet cut out when I pressed upload. It didn’t reconnect for an hour and I genuinely thought fate was out to get me!

We love the video on your website of the track ‘Murder’, which is the first song on the EP. Whats the story behind it?

There is definitely a mysterious ambiguity that lurks in that video! The story touches on the idea of having an inner demon within that needs to be destroyed and that feeling is somewhat represented in the video by crossing boundaries between reality and theatrical nightmare. The whole EP is about transformation really- and the Swan at the end introduces that idea.

We can tell you’re a particularly creative person, not only musical but you also filmed and directed the video for ‘Murder’. What got you into videography?

I actually studied Graphic Design in London, and the course was very concept led and involved story telling – So naturally, a lot of us got into film making. I also work a lot with Brighton based video agency, EAST, which keeps me up to scratch film making wise. Also, Tiia (the guitarist) is also into videography and filmed the majority of textures in the video which tie some of the scenes together- so we kind of spur each other on creatively!

You have talked about using performance, projection and installations in your shows, tell us a little about that.

I think that the whole aspect of performance should be visual as well as aural – making the whole thing somewhat atmospheric. When I see live music I like to experience it and get a bit hypnotised- visuals and performance help a lot. Also, the meaning behind ’the Pact’ is about being part of a collective process, so we have some artists collaborating with us too, hence the installations.

What can we expect from Moon Altar in the coming months?

More shows, more visuals, and we are already working on the next release- so more music!

Lastly can we take a peek at your work space?


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