So here we are another, Brighton Creative, one whom we’ve been following for some time and seeing him getting better and better with every piece he finishes. We caught up with Scott (AKA Panda Robot) and asked him some questions to understand his theory and passion behind his drawings. We hope you enjoy his quirky, cute yet sometimes dark illustrations.

We’ve been following your work for a while. How long ago would you say you started drawing?
I started drawing as long as I can remember, I know that sounds pretty cliche/cheesy! I’ve always enjoyed drawing little characters although my style has changed over the years.

What inspires you, what are your main interests?
There are a tonne of talented illustrators out there, I could sit for hours just looking through their work. I have a big love for animation also, sometimes I will get the urge to draw after watching a Studio Ghibli film; the artwork in those films is beautiful. Any other time it’s just every day things I see. I can be walking along and see something “That looks kinda good/cool” and then my trail of thought will take off from there.

There is a similarity with the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time and some of your drawings, is this a means of practicing a style?
I get told this a lot. I absolutely love Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward is a genius, however; my style is actually inspired by Luke Pearson. If you check out some of his stuff, you will see the similarity.

keep dry little buddy

Do you have any tips for aspiring illustrators?
Have fun! If you are not enjoying what you are drawing, most of the time it’s going to look pretty shitty. Draw what you want to draw, put it out there and hope for the best. Also, it is so easy to promote yourself over web & social these days and you can do it all without spending a penny. Make sure you have a presence and get talking to other illustrators out there, it may open a door.

You sell your artwork on Soceity6, how are you finding the website? Panda Robot Society6
Society6 is fun, they turn your art into cool products and you have to put in no effort. If you can become popular on Society6, you can earn quite nicely, however; I have only sold 1 print so far…I have actually just set up my own store where you can buy my prints direct from me: Panda Robot Store.

hibernate new

Whats your general working method?
Stage 1: Caffeine, pencil sketch, trace pencil sketch with ink.
Stage 2: Outline in illustrator, then add colour (I use a wacom tablet)
Stage 3: Neaten it up, add some background elements and then peel my eyes from the screen.

I read recently on an interview that you wouldn’t want to illustrate full time, I understand the losing the love of it if you turn your passion into work, where would you like to be with your art in 5 years?
I think the fear of illustrating full time, is the fact I would have to take on projects that bore me. It sounds a bit like diva behaviour, but I draw for enjoyment and I wouldn’t want that freedom to be taken away from me. I’ve never been in it for the £££ so I am very flattered when people pay me to draw them something. In an ideal world I would love to create the art I want to create and earn a living as a result of that. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I am currently trying to let the people of Brighton know I am here. In 5 years time I would like for people to hear the name ‘Pandarobot’ and go “oh yeah, the guy that draws cool stuff”. Brighton is a great creative city, so I am fortunate to live here and use it as a starting platform. Currently i’m moving more and more into poster art and moving away from drawing full illustrated scenes. The reason for this is because it’s more adaptable. You will start to see slight changes soon, I’m excited!

Whats personal your favourite piece?
My favourite piece still has to be ‘Winter Wear’. I really love the character (BearBoy) and the story of how he gets his bear hat (poor bear gets his head chopped off). I am currently stocking it as a print in my online store.

winter wear new

Lastly, who are your favourite illustrators?
There are so many to name, but here are just a few: Drew Millward, Michael Hsiung, Luke Pearson, Sara Blake (ZSO) and Mcbess.


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