We came across Patrick Bremer’s work coincidentally twice in one week, the first was a recommendation from a friend, she sent us the link to his website and said you girls will love this guy, and we did! Both of us were in awe of his talent and ability to turn a portrait into something incredibly detailed and special using old books and magazines. Then as we went into one of our favourite pubs for a well deserved lunch we looked up and there they were, Patrick’s prints for sale in the Western Front, even more stunning in real life.

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When it comes to collage, Patrick, is in a league of his own with these pieces, they are truly amazing and the more you stare at them the more you see, which is what makes them special.

One of our favourite pieces is the girl and the fox. This is one of the smallest of his collages but has such power and feeling to it. It is reminiscent of an animal lovers childhood dreams and thoughts of taming a wild animal to protect and to love them. Something I feel very nostalgic about.

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Patrick also paints incredible portraits, influenced by the likes of Jenny Saville and Francis Bacon, his use of colour, reds, blues and greys in the flesh tones are very similar in approach to Jenny Saville but he has added a twist to his brush stroke which is more chaotic creating an amazing complex painting with freedom and creativity at its forefront.

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Until he begun his collages, Patrick’s work was mainly figurative but once he begun using collage as his medium he experimented with birds. In some of his work, he has been so specific when choosing the pages for these collages that the words in the pieces have had relevance to the sitter, this adds a little more mystery and intrigue and encourages the on looker to stare a bit deeper into the work.

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Patrick Bremer was born in Brighton in 1982. He studied painting at Wimbledon College of Art in London. In 2007 he won the DeLazlo Foundation Award for his portraits at The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London.


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