Brighton is fortunate enough to be home to a plethora of singer-songwriters, with the folk-acoustic genre breeding new acts ever week. As beautiful and diverse as this musical climate is, it can be difficult to surge amongst the rest. Somebody’s Daughter is the latest female acoustic vocalist to swim out of the ever heaving wave of music that Brighton has to offer. ‘Pretty Game’ is the first EP released, and falls nothing short of poetic and melodic folk fulfilment.

Fronted by Paige Martin, ‘Pretty Game’ was produced by Josh Laws and recorded in Paige’s bedroom. Somebody’s Daughter manages to encapsulate a reflective and familiar tone that resonates with the vulnerable and untreated emotion felt within many when complexity takes over simplicity in relationships.

The opening title track encompasses lyrics sung with audible heartbreak – midway through we are hit with ‘all lovers cry the same way’, a lyric which displays the poetic ability of Somebody’s Daughter. Sung with such conviction and dazzling tone, ‘Pretty Game’ from the offset is capable of gently pulling any fervour heartbreak has caused out of you. ‘Cinnamon’ gives a moments outpour of potential positivity and sweetness, whilst ‘Busy Being Dizzy’ gives an insight into how nostalgia has frustrating efficiency to cloud reasons for moving on. Finishing with ‘Muddy Green’, a track which quietly emanates anguish and turbulence, ‘Pretty Game’ is an EP that needs to be listened to alone with a likelihood of tissues.

You can listen to ‘Pretty Game’ on Spotify, and follow Somebody’s Daughter on FaceBook to find out more on upcoming gigs and future releases!

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