Brighton Creatives came across Surviving Brighton whilst clicking away in the Facebook world. “Surviving Brighton documents the adventures of Zaph and his Pooch in Zombie infested Brighton.” What caught are eye firstly was the subject matter, who doesn’t dream of zombie apocalypse? Topical with the current state of Brighton streets, seems almost likely. Secondly, the skill of illustration and the recognisability of Brighton landmarks. Thirdly, the witty words that have you chuckling over your laptop. We spoke to the guys behind Surviving Brighton to find out how it all started, and what their favourite pages were so far.

“After many a Sunday afternoons discussing zombie apocalypse survival tactics over lunch with my little sister, practically the first thing I did when I moved to Brighton two years ago was figure out where I’d go in the event of an outbreak. Fortunately the building where I was, until recently, both living and working seemed pretty fortifiable.

Surviving Brighton started life as a simple exercise in drawing buildings, but fairly quickly evolved in to a page-a-day web comic. Partly inspired by everyday life in Brighton, the climax of Volume 1 coincided with the sale of the building I was living in and subsequent eviction of my “housemates” and I.

I liked drawing on walls as a small child. There’s a house in Wokingham that has an excellent rendition of The Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles hidden under the wallpaper. I took A level art, but didn’t take my education any further as I decided I wanted to be a tattooist and the careers advisor wasn’t able to point me in the right direction. I spent several years drawing daily and pursuing the illusive apprenticeship before eventually catching a break in 2007. I have received some training and have worked in a handful of small tattoo shops. Presently, drawing and writing are just pass times along side a career in youthwork, but I continue to draw daily and look for opportunities that could lead to a career in illustration.

Idle was born in Brighton and has been Graffiti writing for a little over a year. His work concentrates on blurring the lines between photo realism and more classic character work. He doesn’t like to call himself a writer as letters are still something that he feels he needs to improve on before getting his work up for the general public to see.
Idle has been invaluable in creating bold colourful images that best occupy the space on the page whilst allowing space for word balloons.

31: This is the hottest illustration of Maddie in my opinion. I’m also quite pleased with my little catholic jokes (having been raised RC myself).

34: This was the view out of my bedroom window for so long and whilst it’s pictured in the day time, is a fairly accurate portrayal of West Street on a Friday night.

67: I’m really pleased with how this page shows the passage of time and builds suspense over three fairly simple panels. I think both technically and artistically, this is my favourite page of Volume 1.


We spotted Jason AKA IOT ART in one of Surviving Brightons pages. When I contacted Surviving Brighton about writing this blog post, Idle went ahead and surprised me with this portrait, I’m gonna admit, I was pretty terrified.

Surviving Brighton is now available in black & white paperback from



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