Brighton Creatives have been aware of Thomas Heron’s talents in music and writing for some time now. This man has another talent that he is currently shining light on, illustration. Recently commissioned by One Inch Badge and Duke of Yorks to design a poster for ‘Fight Club’ at the DOY cinema with a Q&A and Reading by Chuck Palahniuk, which took place on the 16th November. Have a read of when we spoke to Tom.

Firstly, we LOVE the fight club poster, could you walk us through the techniques used?
Like with every design I do, I started out with a pencil sketch from photographs of the two actors. I wanted to do a kind of mirror image/ Joker playing card vibe inspired by the film and it’s themes. I then inked the sketch with a fine liner, filling in detail and refining, scanned it in and put the image into Photoshop. Usually I use this in conjunction with Illustrator, but this can render an image fairly crudely and I didn’t want to lose any of the detail, so I used the Overlay tool to colour the image in order to achieve a watercolour aesthetic. This took a long time but was worth the effort.


It’s clear you’re inspired by films – name your top 5 films?
That is a really tough question for me as it changes all the time, but on the spot I would say:-
1. Blade Runner
2. The Fugitive
3. Shaun Of The Dead
4. Dead Man’s Shoes
5. Edward Scissorhands


How do you feel about the whole hand drawn/computer generated work – do you have a preference?
I have never drawn directly onto a computer, so I can’t speak in favour or against the technique, but I am definitely open to the process and will try it out in the not too distant future. I have always used pencil and in recent history perfected designs in Photoshop and I think if you are using computer technology in any part of your process, you can’t be snobby about using graphic tablets.


We’ve noticed a theme of sideways portraiture in your work, can you tell us a bit about this?
I have always been fascinated with portraiture, and although I have drawn other things, I mainly enjoy working with faces. The side-on profile thing is a new theme of recent, and I was inspired by the amazing work of artist Olly Moss in his Silhouettes collection. The fact you can represent someone recognizably from just the shape of their face in profile really interested me. The use of shadows is inspired by comic book legend and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.


Whats been the most fun image to draw for you personally?
As you can see from my work, I love deriving inspiration from film and therefore usually just draw images that I enjoy creating but being commissioned to design the aforementioned Fight Club was the perfect job for me and one of the most fun.

Tom Heron’s Big Cartel Shop


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