An installation of Sculpture, lines & shadows at Corridor Gallery
3rd – 29th August, 2016




Emma Clear is an Artist on a journey; exploring 3-dimensional drawing and sculpture using deft, figurative lines to trace her feminine history; connecting tradition and self-expression to create a new body of work. “Trace” combines personal, feminine and behavioral history in a glorious exploration of sculpture, form, line and materials connected through threads, lines and shadows.

“Trace” is used both metaphorically tracing a line as a way to describe a woman’s journey and emotional landscape, and literally using powerful hand drawn lines to create a sculptural installation and experience charting “our line through life”.

Our own, unique personal history plays a part in the lines and pathways we frequently tread.

Emma Clear includes an insight into her own creative heritage including delicate panels of fine crochet work made by her grandmother in Southern Ireland. The crochet work is presented as pure and clear, a traditional female orientated craft, which is deliberately lit to emphasize the form created by this painstaking work and backed by a subtle, but significant shadow.

Body cast work is a recurring theme within Emma’s practice and the new pieces mark a transition in both colour and application; a pure white hue is adopted in these new works which both blends into and emerges from the white space which houses it. Emma’s body cast series explores her fascination into tracing pathways, understanding how thoughts form. Using light and shadow to create ominous, unobtainable figurative lines made tangibly darker by its subtle presence within “Trace”. The process driven, often repetitive physical nature of these pieces are interwoven with an understanding of the habitual patterns which form in the brain, influencing behavior and responses to an individuals past, present and future.

Emma’s wire drawn sculptural female forms are the third and final sculptural component of “Trace” constructed by hand from multiple points of perspective to represent an accurate, fleshy form which is oddly generic. Minimal lines are applied to the face or any one specific body part, providing space and attention for the whole; one mass of interlinking hand drawn lines made glorious by a manipulative use of light and shadow.

‘Trace” showcases this array of sculpture influenced by Emma Clear’s lifelong passion for drawing; relishing imperfection and spontaneity. Lines and marks made in drawing are unique to an individual and can often represent something captured in a moment. Deconstruction of drawing, translating form, making lines and mark making is where Emma Clear finds both her truth and her muse.

Emma Clear is a Brighton based Artist who has studied and exhibited in both in her native Ireland at Limerick School of Art & Design and completed a Fine Art degree at Falmouth University, marking a permanent move to the south coast.

Emma’s masterful drawing is the result of over a decade of figurative work and study, Emma has previously taught life drawing classes, exhibited in both solo and group shows at a variety of galleries in Brighton & Bristol.

In addition Emma Clear is an integral Founding member of the Diversis Artibus Co-Operative, providing expertise, passion and a love of Fine Art to Corridor Gallery working voluntarily as the Gallery’s Head of Curation.

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