When we stumbled across Veronika Teo we were so delighted to see somone using waste to create new products and selling them on. I’ve never been shy of a DIY project and upcycling is 100% something i will always consider first before buying something brand new. It’s refreshing to see artists aware of our environmental decline and trying to do something about it, either by using sustainable materials or by reusing waste in some way. Well done Veronika, we applaud you!

Can you tell us a little about yourself, how did the Orev project initially come about?

Orev is my name written backwards – Vero. It represents a part of me that constantly questions and loves to create. My interest for crafts started a very long time ago. I used to collect many old and unused items and upcycle them. I always believed there is too much trash and we need to make usage of it. Now Orev is about eco-friendly home decoration and upcycled glass. The project promotes minimizing waste and upcycling.


How important is waste management to you and what do you do to help make a difference?

Waste makes me sad especially plastic for being non-biodegradable. I recycle as much as possible and hope one day to build a compost in the garden. Also, I only buy second-hand items and try to avoid food plastic containers by buying food in bulk. In the future I plan to organize events for swapping goods such as clothes, books, furniture items in order to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Your bottle vases are really cool, what do you use to paint them?

It’s a secret! Kidding. I mainly use acrylic spray paint, paint and markers. Depending on the model, I add other accessories such as rope or handmade ceramic beads.20160910-img_4011

What or who inspires you and your work?

I was very inspired by Lauren Singer and her project Trash is for Tossers where she gives advices on how to live a zero waste live. Her Ted Talk determined me to become more aware of what I waste and how I can minimize and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. I love to browse websites such as upcycledthat.

Do you intend to make other products using household waste in the future?

Yes! I would love to start working with textiles and make rugs and pillows. Also, upcycling furniture is another dream of mine.


If we wanted to purchase any of your bottles where would we find them?

I recently created my online shop on Etsy where I have a small selection of homewares such as candle holders, vases and hanging pots. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What advise would you give to someone who is conscious about waste but not sure how to begin making a difference themselves?

My advice is to take a closer look around you and understand how the system works. See what bothers you and start simply by minimizing your own waste. For example, if you understand that plastic is bad for the environment, see where you can find plastic in your daily life and replace it with another biodegradable material. Meanwhile browse through great inspirational websites such as ZeroWasteHome, ZeroWasteChef or SnapshotsofSimplicity to get some ideas on how to start!

Finally can we see your workspace?

I am glad you asked this question because I am actually looking for a cozy and cheap studio/ attic / artsy space to work in! At the moment I use my room which becomes smaller and smaller every day : )



Website | Etsy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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