“Zine Club started as a monthly workshop – focusing on drawing games, collaboration and self-publishing. Each workshop has a different theme, participants make and submit work in response to this which is then shortlisted and compiled into a limited edition free monthly zine! Now, we’re growing and will be hosting pop-up spaces filled with lots of rad printed work and hand made goodies! As well as taking the zine club workshop to fares and festivals.

We’re here in Brighton for one week only – our last day being this Sunday 22nd and have a host of awesome workshops for the duration of the week. Are shop is filled with zines, prints, badges, totes and a bunch of other crafted delights. There are also 2 resident artists working in the space all week, and our open studio sessions invite others to come and work in the space too.” – Alessandra, Founder of Zine Club

zc1 zc2

Artists involved include:
Isabel Otten
Alex McDougall
Pippa Toole
Jon Andrew Taylor
Domenique Duplain
Guy Brooke
Luke Moran-Morris
Chad Browne
Alessandra Chambers

Zine Club is currently in the middle of building their website.. but you can visit their Facebook page and the event for the pop up here! Here are some photos to get you down there!

zc4 zc5

Brighton Creatives

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