We all know Brighton is the kind of place where everyone knows everyone, we have spent ages looking at all these beautiful faces in the Brightonians and Visitors project by Andrzej Kosinski, some we recognise instantly! It’s a piece of work that we feel captures the true essence of this city, It’s people. We love Brighton, and we love these photos!

Andrzej, tell us a little about yourself, what is your background?

I’m rather old school photographer. I started very early at age of 8 when my father bought me first camera. I had a luck – in my primary and secondary school I had access to studio and darkroom, this was in good analog black and white times.

I won few photo contest and started working as professional photographer when I was 17. After 8-10 years doing this I almost started to hate photography and this was moment for critical decision not doing this for living. Now I doing only my own projects or collaborate with others on projects which I’m really interested. As you see photography for me is love-hate relationship.


We love the Brightonians and Visitors project, how long have you been working on this for?

As a project is almost 2 years, website is much younger. I created it this year.


What draws your attention to a person, are you looking for anything in particular?

Interesting looks, expressions, natural beauty. Sometimes I’ve just seen nice light on someones face or something in their eyes.


Your portraits really capture the essence of the person, how do you get your subjects to relax and be themselves?

Smile and respect. I’m not forcing anyone to pose for me. Also I’m trying to take picture as quick as is possible. People are mostly in hurry, don’t have time. I’m trying interact with them, chat but often is only few seconds for picture and then they gone.



Any tips for budding photographers wanting to start a passion project?

Enjoy and don’t force yourself – do what you really want and don’t listen “experts”. As Henri Cartier-Bresson said “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst” – then even if you are not so happy from results, don’t give up, just try more.

Finally can we take a look at your workspace?

Of course, everyone can look – for my project my workspace are streets of Brighton, especially The Lanes and North Laine.
For the rest of my works is just normal photographic studio.


To see more of the Britonians and Visitors project click on the link below.


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